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Invitation (16/06/2021)

इंटर आर्टस टॉपर नंदिता हरिपाल के हौसले को सलाम, मां मेड - पिता दर्जी, बेटी बनी स्‍टेट टॉपर (19/07/2020)

Visit to Cheshire Home (01/05/2019)

Sabhi Ne Liya Matdan Karne Ka Sankalp (28/03/2019)

Science Day Exhibition

6th सत्यानंद ओपन योगा चैंपियनशिप

श्री अरविंद सोसायटी एवं रामकृष्ण मिशन आश्रम मोराबादी रांची के द्वारा संयुक्त रूप से आयोजित 6th सत्यानंद ओपन योगा चैंपियनशिप 2018 के महिला खिताब में जमशेदपुर विमेंस कॉलेज की छात्रा प्रतिभा कुमारी चैंपियन हुई। प्रतिभा कुमारी पीजी डिप्लोमा इन योगा थेरेपी कोर्स की छात्रा है, जो 2017 -18 शिक्षा वर्ष की द्वितीय सेमेस्टर में पढ़ रही है।

Eye Checkup Camp

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How to prepare dissertation - 27-04-2018

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13th April, 2018

03rd April, 2018

Manoranjan Das & Associates will be visiting Jamshedpur women's college on 6th April for Campus recruitment. Final year students of M. Com & MBA finance are eligible to sit for the interview. Those who got selected on 21/11/2017 by this organisation in JWC are asked to present for their final round of interview.

9th August, 2017

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29th July, 2017

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19th July, 2017

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05th June, 2017

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14th July, 2017

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02nd August, 2017

07th July, 2017

Eminent scholars sponsored by the Jharkhand Council on Science, Technology, and Innovation arrived at Jamshedpur Women’s College on Friday, February 3rd for a two-day conference to present research and inspire students to pursue academic careers in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

A wide variety of research was presented on the first day, on topics covering the scientific frontier of genetic engineering, from the latest in vitro fertilization procedures designed to eliminate genetic defects from a family line, to the latest in personalized medicine in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

The first day was closed with a dynamic cultural program put on by the students of the College. Traditional Rajasthani dance anchored a show that included bravura performances from singers, dancers, and even the Head of the Music Department, drafted into performances by students in the audience.

On the second day of the conference, biotechnology topics were covered. scientists from Jamshedpur Women's College showcased their work that has adopted the wisdom of native ethnic communities in the use of plant remedies. Studying fungi, herbs, and underutilized foods, such as fenugreek and linseed oil, and identifying the active ingredients from these plants can help combat diseases in India and around the world.

The common theme among all speakers was the immense potential for India to win the future of scientific research.

Scholars from Canada, Germany, and the United States all reiterated the need for Indian universities and students to cultivate an environment of strategic collaboration in research, with a focus towards developing the country in a sustainable way.


A Report on the Celebrations on 21st February, 2015

The Language Laboratory of Jamshedpur Women’s College celebrated International Mother Language Day on 21st February, 2015, in the B.Ed Multipurpose Hall to promote multiculturalism and linguistic diversity. Chief Guest, Dr.Sujata Sinha, Professor-in-charge of the College, inaugurated the programme with the lighting of the lamp.

The programme was an interesting mix of discussion, songs, elocution and a game all focusing on mother language.

The first event was a discussion on ‘Mother and Mother Language’ in which the mothers of students of the College were invited to share their experiences and views on their role in teaching mother language to their children and instilling love and respect for it in them. The discussion was moderated by Lopa Das and Shilpi Tiwary, of the Departments of English and History respectively. The mothers admitted that in the conditions prevailing today the very survival of several languages was under threat. They unanimously agreed that awareness about and pride in one’s mother language would go a long way towards creating respect for and generating the desire to preserve it. The participating parents were honoured with mementos and they expressed their happiness at the initiative taken by the College towards the promotion of mother languages.

Teachers of various departments hailed the day as one to learn about other cultures and languages as well as to highlight the importance of preserving lingual diversity inside and outside of the classroom.

This was followed by a Solo Song competition in which the contestants sang in their own languages, such as, Santali, Maithili, Bengali, Bhojpuri etc. Sukanya Mukherjee and Sarbani Rana, of the Department of English got the first and the second prize respectively. In the group song event the winners were Swati and group for a Panjabi song and Reema and group emerged as the second prize winners for their song in Santali.

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