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Mahatma Gandhi was a great thinker and social leader who by his revolutionary and path breaking thoughts and action had left a lasting impact not only in India but the world as a whole. He had developed indigenous idea and provided cultural and ethical identity to India.
The teachings of Mahatma Gandhi were powerful enough to play a major role in the non-voilent revolution that overthrew British colonialism in India. But this was only a small part of his struggle. The greater part of Gandhi’s work was to renew India’s vitality and regenerate its culture.
Mahatma Gandhi was a champion of swadeshi or home economy.
Gandhi gave a social dimension to the concept of peace and nonviolence and demonstrated both through his life and work. He also illustrated how these concepts could be used as an instrument for fighting injustice at all levels.
There is a great need to acquaint the teachers and students with Gandhi’s thinking and work and to involve them in studies, research and field work bases on extension service programmes of constructive work.


M.Phil Programme
This one year programme has two semesters of six months duration each.
The allocation of the supervisor for a selected student shall be decided by the department.